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Root chews are exactly that….roots from wood which are safe for pets. This may sound strange to some dog owners, but it’s the truth. The chews are made from the roots of tree species such as the Java, Arak, and Heath trees. These are known to produce some of the densest wood in the world and therefore will not splinter.


One of the best benefits of root chews and their owners is that they can last for an extremely long time. In fact, depending on the type of chewer your pet is and how often you allow him to chew it, a single root can last anywhere from a few weeks to even several years.


Tree root chews for dogs are dense and also typically wide and sometimes oddly shaped. So unlike a bone or traditional chew, dogs have a harder time getting leverage and really bearing down on them. Luckily this often seems to cause pets to intensify their efforts, working even harder on their root chew and becoming more determined to wear it down.


The contoured surface of the root chew works similarly to a natural toothbrush. As the dog chews it helps to reduce plaque and tartar build-up. The roots also contain natural tannins which aid in tooth and mouth cleaning and are described as a mouthwash made by Mother Nature herself. Root chews for dogs actually can help to make a pet’s teeth stronger as well. The roots used contain large amounts of both calcium oxides and potassium which strengthen tooth enamel.


For any Power chewers out their or “nippy” pups who love to chew EVERYTHING, this is the treat for you.

Root Chew