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Did you know that deer’s shed their antlers yearly, so antlers are a completely natural and cruelty free product.


They are packed full of nutritional goodness including 40% protein which is perfect to supplement your dog's nutrition.


As a result of its high natural mineral and nutrient content, antler powder aids circulation and improves metabolism. As well as maintaining healthy bones, muscles, and joints, these minerals benefit the cells and tissues in the body. It is also helpful for preventing arthritis inflammation and boosting the immune system.


Not all dogs can chew antlers and some owners want to control their diet's making antler powder a perfect dog food supplement.


All this goodness in a little sprinkle on top of your dogs food.

Pure Antler Powder

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    • High in protein
    • Contains Phosphorous for healthy kidneys
    • Rich in Iron for healthy Blood
    • High in Magnesium for energy
    • 100% Natural product locally sourced
    • Suitable for puppies from 4 weeks
    • Crude protein 39.6%
    • Crude oils and fats 0.4%
    • Crude ash 49.7%
    • Moisture 11.8%

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