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RAUH!® Moose Dog Chew, made from 100% genuine Nordic moose hide using traditional methods at Europe’s only factory that specialises in moose dog chews in Loimaa, Finland. 


This unique product has been derived from sustainably sourced moose hide from Finland. Wild Nordic moose feed naturally on the land, which enhances the unique taste of spruce, birch and wild grass that dogs love. The chews are made using the most expensive and durable part of the hide, the upper layer. This is what gives the dog chew its unique appearance and excellent durability. The chews don’t contain any additives or colourings making them suitable for dogs with allergies.


This product, made from moose hide, is extremely durable, delicious and filled with vitamins and minerals that support healthy diets.


Product size:  Approx. 17cm x 4.5cm x 2.5cm

Rauh! ® Moose Dog Chew Medium

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  • 100% Moose Hide

    • Crude protein: 87.7%
    • Crude fat: 2.1%
    • Moisture: 6.2%

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