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Our Story 

Logan's natural treats is a small family run business offering100 % natural pet treats. 


We started this journey after coming to realize the additives, preservatives and outrageous nasties in most dog treats that are bought in shops and online. 


We read more into it and realized some products have been bleached to remove natural smells and some have even used glue to hold sections in place to make them more marketable. The phrase 'meat and animal derivatives' was often listed under ingredients and we learnt that this can be any part of any animal including feathers and fur. This shocked us as this was the stuff we have been feeding our own dog for years. We felt as owners we should be more aware of what is in the products we buy and what is the best for our dog Oscar. 

We did some research into natural treats and were amazed to learn about all the benefits from these compared to artificial dog treats. We bought some for Oscar and he loved them, we were sold! (It is important to mention at this stage Oscar is a cocker spaniel who loves chasing after birds, squirrels rabbits and deer!)

The benefits of natural treats are amazing and we knew if owners were more aware of these compared to artificial treats they would be convinced to try them. This is why we started Logan's Natural Treats.


Oscar will always will be our best friend and we feel so much happier that we are  rewarding him with treats that he not only loves but are helping his body as he gets older. 


We recognise natural treats may seem a bit daunting for some owners however we hope you will give them a try! 


Your best friend deserves the best.

Liam, Jenna and Oscar x

Liam and Oscar

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