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Euro 2024 starts soon .... 14th June to be exact. We are a football household (one of us anyway!) so why not create a little fun with a treat box.


Each box contains a team flag, all boxes are made up so we do not know who will receive each flag. If your box contains the winning countries flag you will recieve a £40 gift voucher for the website. The runner up will recieve a £20 voucher.


As we are a small Scottish business (and famous for doing terribly in major tournatments) we will put in a £20 note on Scotlands treat box.... just because we need all the supporters we can get!


Will you be lucky enough to get the England, Spain, France or Albania?


Each box contains:

1 x Pig Ear

1 x Salmon Roll

1 x Venison Skin

2 x Chicken Feet

1 x Duck Neck

1 x Beef & Veg Stick

1 x Buffalo Ear

1 x Tripe

1 x Chicken Neck

1 x Puffed Chicken Foot

1 x Fish Flattie

1 x Rabbit Ear

5 x Chicken Sausages

5 x Fish Cubes

As always if your dog has any allergies please let us know at checkout and we will be happy to swap out any treats 🐾

EURO 2024 Treat Box


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