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Do you have a new Puppy who is teething or likes to chew anything it can get its needle teeth into?


Our Puppy Enrichment Bundle is just what you need. We have hand selected treats and enrichment toys to keep those excitable puppies entertained whilst providing them with mental stimulation and something they can gnaw on that isn’t your furniture or fancy shoes.


Dogs have a natural instinct to chew and gnaw, when a dog has something tasty to lick or chew on it reduces stress & anxiety and makes them feel happy. Chewing or gnawing can relive pain caused by teething in younger dogs and puppies whilst it’s a great way to help remove plaque and strengthen teeth in older dogs.

Puppy Enrichment Bundle

Out of Stock
    • Pooch Peanut Butter
    • Licki Mat Playdate
    • JR Pure Pate
    • 5x Meaty Sticks
    • 1x Cow Hoof
    • 1x Med Yak Bar
    • 100g Premium Training Treats
    • 50g Large Sprats

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