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The original dog-friendly peanut butter for dogs, contains Peanuts, Honey, Coconut Oil. As long as the peanut butter is natural and with no added sugars or xylitol, then peanut butter is absolutely fine for our pooches to enjoy! 


Packed with vitamins B6 & E, niacin, protein Added honey for stickiness which is UK Made without Salt, Sugar, Palm Oil or Xylitol.


Puppy Safe Peanut Butter for dogs; use as a treat, hide tablets in it, spoon this in to your carrot cake mix or smother it on top to bake a paw-licking treat A nutritional treat your dogs are going to LOVE.



Peanuts, Honey, Coconut Oil 350g


Allergen Information:

Peanuts. May contain traces of all other nuts

Nuts For Pets Pooch Butter

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    • High in Protein
    • Contains Natural healthy Fats
    • Rich in Vitamins B & E
    • Contains NO Sugars or Xylitol
    • Protein 26.89%
    • Fat 51.67%
    • Crude Fibre 1.07%
    • Moisture 2.88%
    • Ash 2.16%

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