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New to Natural Pet Treats or really not sure what your cute little Doggo will enjoy; Logan’s Mix-Up is the choice for you.


Now available in two sizes which is suitable for dogs all shapes and sizes. Made up of our most popular treats from our Pix “N” Mix and long lasting range.


Logans Mix-Up is packed with nutrients and minerals and of course 100% natural.


*if your dog has any allergies please let us know and will be more than happy to swap our any treats



SKU: 050
  • Puppy / Small Sized Dogs Pouch

    • 1x Chicken Foot 
    • 1x Puffed Chicken Foot
    • 1x Rabbit Ear
    • 1x Tripe Stick
    • 1x Lamb Braid 
    • 1x Salmon Roll
    • 2x Chicken Necks
    • 2x Gourmet Liver Sausages

    Medium / Larger Dogs Pouch

    • 1x Venison Skin
    • 1x Beef Knee
    • 1x Paddywack
    • 1x Buffalo Braid 
    • 1x Beef Braid
    • 1x Skinless Cows Ear
    • 1x Pork Crunch