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Our Turkey Necks are cooked then air-dried, thus retaining their natural flavour. They are super crunchy and easily digestible.

These are much larger than our chicken necks, approx 26 cm in length. They are low in fat, high in protein and packed with benefits. A natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin, both key in promoting healthy joints.

Suitable from puppies from 16weeks +

Turkey Neck

    • Grain and Gluten Free
    • Gently air dried
    • Dental Aid
    • Free from artificial additives
    • Suitable for dogs of all sizes
    • High in Protein
    • Low in Fat
    • Odourless



    • Protein 64.30%
    • Fat 23.27%
    • Moisture 7.30%
    • Ash 5.75%

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