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In appearance they are very flat but these really does change the habit of how your dog chews making it a bit more of a challenge and lasting a good bit longer than and average natural chew.



The large flat surface area on these are great for dental hygiene as due to the shape your dog will chew in a different way reaching different areas of the teeth and gums that do not normally experience much abrasion.


100% air-dried. The texture of these is also very easily cut to make smaller bite size pieces for those high value training treats.

Large Pig Stomach

SKU: 011
    • High in Protein
    • Naturally Low in Fat
    • Great Dental Hygiene 
    • Suitable for Puppies from 12 Weeks
    • Can be cut into smaller manageable pieces
    • Protein 61.1%
    • Fibre 0.8%
    • Fat 33.1%
    • Ash 1.82%

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