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Beef and Vegetable Sticks are made with delicious ingredients and have a high meat content for a truly irresistible snack.


Ideal for feeding whole or breaking into smaller pieces for training treats. This is ideal for feeding in between meals to reward your dog for good behaviour or as a tasty, healthy snack they’ll love.

Beef & Vegetable stick

SKU: 036

    • High-quality ingredients and 100% British Meats
    • A delicious meaty treat stick perfect for feeding between meals
    • Grain-free treats feature simple ingredients, including real veggies
    • Amazing for treats or an addition to a regular diet
    • suitable for puppies over 4 weeks
    • Protein 20.8%
    • Crude Fat 24.1%
    • Fibre 6.9%
    • Crude Ash 5.9%
    •  Moisture 18.2%

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