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Let’s talk Dental Hygiene


Like all humans dog can and will develop plaque which is a sticky layer that develops from saliva, food and bacteria and this can develop into a buildup of brown tartar. If not treated, this can put your pooch at risk of painful gum disease and infections, tooth loss and eventually could risk bacteria spreading to other parts of the body such as the kidney, heart and liver causing serious problems.


With that in mind we have developed the Dental Box, a great section of chews and harder treats designed to wear down and remove plaque as your pooch will really have to work and gnaw down the treats.


Not to mention they are packed with natural nutrients, flavours we can guarantee your pooch will love.

Dental Box

Price Options
One-time purchase
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£18.90every 4 weeks until canceled
    • Venison skin x2
    • Cow Hoof x1
    • Cows Ears x2
    • Beef Knee x1 
    • Beef Tail x1
    • Large Roast Knuckle Bone x1
    • Moon Bone x1
    • Trachea x1
    • Pork Crunch x1
    • Buffalo Ear x1
    • Giant Paddywack x1

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