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Baby Shrimp makes an amazing food topper for your dogs food which adds essential omegas into your dogs diet or making their food that bit more interesting for the fussy eaters.


An extra small crunchy food topper from 100% dried Shrimp. Absolutely no additives or preservatives, they’re just the finest shrimp, low in fat with no artificial ingredients.


Shrimp are known as one of the best food sources of iodine, an important mineral that dogs can be deficient in and plays a key role in proper thyroid function and brain health.

Baby Shrimp - food topper 50g

    • High in Protein
    • Low in fat
    • Essential Fatty Acids & Omegas 
    • packed with Vitamins & Minerals
    • Suitable for puppies from 4 weeks
    • crude protein 60%
    • crude fat 11 %
    • crude fibre 4 %
    • moisture 8 %
    • ash 10%

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